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My Fair Lady M.

22 May

If heaven lost a baker, then I have found it. Lady M Cake Boutique, located on the upper east side, is a piece of heaven. Literally, heaven in your mouth.

I have never experienced such a beautiful creation that is light, delicate, and tragic. The Green tea Mille Crêpe is a french inspired dessert made of 20 thin layers of crepes with Lady M’s seasonal flavored green tea mousse smothered in between each layer and dusted off with green tea powder.

The crafty creation was piled almost 4 inches high and was overall a solid  light green color. It lacked decoration, but not taste.  Once you dig your fork into it, the crepe and the green tea mousse automatically fuse together, almost like a soft buttery pound cake. The instant it hits your tongue, the cool, refreshing, creaminess of the mousse slowly melts in your mouth. It required no necessary chewing.

It’s hard to taste the crepe or the green tea mousse by itself, but then again why would you. Both, the crepe and mousse went well together that created a harmony in your mouth. If it wasn’t for the cost, I would have definitely brought another 6″ ($40) to share with my co-workers.

For a single slice, it cost $7.50 plus tax, this was one of the most tragic events that has ever happened to my wallet. But it was well worth it. I really wanted to try their other desserts which included seasonal flavored cakes, pies, and cheesecakes but butterflies came out of my wallet. Oh, what a tease.